Chapter I.
Identifying and inventorying land

Section I.
Land Information Register

Article 5. Extra Versions


The OVAM maintains a Land Information Register in which it records data about land that is provided to it in the context of this decree or the Decree of 25 April 2014 on complex projects.


When recording a piece of land in the Land Information Register, the OVAM officially issues a soil certificate to:

1 the owner and the user of the land and the operator of the land, insofar as these are known to the OVAM;

2 the municipality in which the land is located. The municipality makes the soil certificates available for the stakeholders to peruse.

In deviation from the first paragraph, the OVAM issues an unofficial soil certificate if the land is recorded in the Land Information Register merely due to data from the municipal inventory of high-risk lands.

The OVAM also issues soil certificates upon request. The soil certificate is issued within fourteen days after receipt of the admissible application. If the request concerns land that is recorded in the Land Information Register, then the soil certificate is issued within sixty days after receipt of the admissible application.


The soil certificate states the identification of the land and provides an overview with the most current information available on the land in the Land Information Register.

The OVAM is not responsible for the correctness of the information that has been provided to it by third parties.


The Flemish Government makes more specific regulations concerning the management and the accessibility of the land information register.

Section II.
List of risk-entailing establishments

Article 6. The Flemish Government draws up a list of risk-entailing establishments.

Section III.
Municipal inventory

Article 7.


Every municipality maintains an inventory of the high-risk land that is located within its territory.

At the first request, the [...] Provincial Council provides the information to the municipalities that will allow them to maintain the inventory.


With the inclusion of a piece of land in and its removal from the municipal listing, the municipality immediately supplies the OVAM with an extract concerning the information included in the list. The OVAM enters this information in the land information register.


The Government of Flanders shall specify more detailed rules on the management and accessibility of the municipal inventory. The Government of Flanders can also determine which non-high-risk lands will be recorded in the municipal inventory.