The processing of environmental licence applications for activities which have or can have the indirect discharging of hazardous substances into the groundwater as a result.

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Article Activities as referred to in Sections, 52.1.2. and 52.2.3 can only be licensed if, from a prior investigation, it appears that all technical precautionary measures have been taken in order to ensure that these substances cannot reach any aquatic systems or cause damage to other ecosystems.


A licence for the indirect discharging into groundwater of substances in list II of Appendix 2B can only be granted providing that all the required precautionary measures have been taken to ensure that the discharging:


cannot endanger the health of people or the water supply;


cannot damage the life and the ecosystems in the water;


cannot affect other justified uses of the water.

Article The application of measures taken by virtue of this Order may in no event result in direct or indirect pollution of the groundwater.

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