Section IV.
Final assessment investigation and final declaration

Article 67.


The soil remediation work ends after the achieving of the objectives of the land remediation.


After the carrying out of the soil remediation work, a final evaluation assessment is conducted in which the results of the soil remediation work are included and in which a proposal of aftercare is drawn up as required.


A final evaluation assessment is conducted under the supervision of a land remediation expert in conformity with the standard procedure drawn up by the Flemish Government on the proposal of the OVAM. In the absence of such a standard procedure, the final evaluation assessment is conducted according to a code of good practice.

Article 68.

If the objectives of the soil remediation have been achieved, the OVAM shall issue, based on the results of the final assessment investigation, a final declaration. The OVAM shall provide the final declaration to the principal of the soil remediation works and those persons stated in Article 11 or 22, if they are known to the OVAM.

All stakeholders can lodge an appeal against the OVAM’s decision with the Government of Flanders in accordance with the provisions in Articles 153 to 155, inclusive.