Section I.
Safety measures

Article 69.


If the OVAM is of the opinion that soil contamination comprises an immediate danger, it will impose safety measures. This competence does not affect the competence of other authorities to take safety measures.


A land remediation expert who within the context of the carrying out of an order in compliance with this title is of the opinion that the soil contamination comprises an immediate danger and requires safetymeasures immediately submits reasoned notification of this to the OVAM.


If the safety measures are comprised of processes, installations, or activities that are subject to the notification or licensing obligations pursuant to Title V of the Decree of 5 April 1995 containing general provisions regarding environmental policy or pursuant to Title IV, Chapter II of the Flemish Spatial Planning Codex, then the certificate of conformity serves as the instrument of notification or environmental licence.


Safety measures are conducted under the supervision of a land remediation expert.