Article 71.


The OVAM can impose aftercare in the conformity certificate of the soil remediation project or limited soil remediation project, or in the final declaration. All parties involved can submit an appeal against the decision of the OVAM to the Flemish Government in accordance with the provisions of article 153 up to and including 155.


The aftercare is conducted under the supervision of a land remediation expert in conformity with the conditions mentioned in the conformity certificate or the final declaration, and in conformity with the standard procedure drawn up by the Flemish Government on the proposal of the OVAM. In the absence of such a standard procedure, the aftercare is conducted according to a code of good practice.


On the request of the OVAM, the person proceeding with aftercare provides financial security to guarantee his obligation to carry out the aftercare. The Flemish Government determines the way in which this financial security is provided.