Article 76.


If on a piece of land a case of damage takes place, the operator, user or owner of the land reports this immediately to the competent authority. In this report the operator, user or owner indicates which measures he may have already taken in order to implement his duty of care.


The competent authority can ascertain an accident, issue a decision on the approach to take with regard to the accident, and set the measures for treating the soil contamination during an accident. The competent authority shall issue its decision within thirty days after being notified by the person, stated in Article 80, insofar as these are known to the competent authority.

If an accident has been ascertained in accordance with the first paragraph, then the provisions of Article 9, 2 and 4 are not applicable.

The measures for treatment of the soil contamination are carried out no more than one hundred and eighty days after notification of the decision stated in the first paragraph.