Chapter VII.
Voluntarily carrying out the descriptive soil survey, soil remediation, or miscellaneous measures

Section I.

Article 92. Translation not available

Article 93.

A person other than the liable party, stated in Article 80, can, as the party willing to remediate, satisfy the obligation to treat the soil contamination in an accident [...]. The provisions of Article 74 to 82, inclusive, shall also apply accordingly.

Article 94. [...]

Section II.
Land remediation organisations

Subsection I.
Purpose and accreditation of land remediation organisations

Article 95. Translation not available

Subsection II.
Compulsory tasks of accredited land remediation organisations

Article 96. Translation not available

Subsection III.
Optional tasks of accredited land remediation organisations

Article 97. Translation not available

Subsection IV.

Article 98. Extra Versions

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Subsection V.
Supervision and penalties

Article 99. The Flemish Government and the OVAM exercise supervision of the fulfilment of the tasks of an accredited land remediation organisation in compliance with this section. The Flemish Government can determine more specific rules for this.

Article 100. If an accredited land remediation organisation does not or not sufficiently comply with the obligations in this subsection, the Flemish Government can suspend or withdraw the accreditation of the land remediation organisation. The Flemish Government determines the conditions to this end.