Chapter 2.7.

Section 2.7.1.
Reporting to the European Commission



In accordance with Article 15 of EC Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999 on the landfill of waste, every three years the OVAM sends to the European Commission through the appropriate channels a report about the implementation of this EC Directive, in which special attention is devoted to the Flemish strategies that must be developed in compliance with Article 5 of the same Directive for waste and forms of treatment not acceptable in landfills. The report shall be drawn up on the basis of a questionnaire or outline drafted by the European Commission according to the procedure laid down in Article 6 of EC Directive 91/692/EEC.


The report shall be sent to the European Commission, in each case within nine months of the end of the three-year period covered by it.


In accordance with the Council Decision of 19 December 2002 establishing criteria and procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfills in accordance with Article 16 of and Annex II to Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999 on the landfill of waste, more specifically point 2 of its Annex, the OVAM draws up an annual report on the number of licences issued in compliance with the provisions of Article, 2.

The reports are sent every three years by the OVAM through the appropriate channels to the European Commission as part of the reporting stated in Article


In accordance with Article 72 of Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 November 2010 on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control), every three years OVAM shall send the European Commission a report, through the appropriate channels, on the implementation of Chapter IV of this European Directive.

The report shall be sent to the European Commission electronically.

The report shall be published by OVAM.

Section 2.7.2.
Reporting for public perusal

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