Chapter XVIII.
Competence of the Flemish Government

Section I.
Settlements, arrangements, transfer of debts and guarantees, subrogation, waiving of recourse and agreements

Article 164. Translation not available

Article 165. With the retention of the application of article 164, with regard to the application of the provisions of article 140 up to and including 145 the Flemish Government can conclude all arrangements, permit derogations and conclude agreements.

Section II.
Compulsory purchase

Article 166. With the retention of its other competence relating to compulsory purchases, the Flemish Government can proceed with the compulsory purchase of immoveable property for the carrying out of soil remediation work on the request of the person who in compliance with this title or the OVAM is obliged to conduct land remediation work. The compulsory purchase takes place in the name of and at the expense of the applicant.