Chapter II.
Instruments for the protection of the soil

Section I.
Subsidy regulation

Article 168.


The Flemish Government establishes more specific regulations with which an administrative authority can claim a subsidy for the carrying out of measures for the protection of the soil. The Flemish Government determines the conditions which must be satisfied by the measures to be carried out by the administrative government to be able to be subsidised, draws up more specific procedure rules relating to the allocation of the subsidies, and determines the contribution of the Flemish Region to the cost of the relative measures.


The subsidies are granted within the bounds of the credit provided to this end in the budget of the Flemish Region.

Section II.
Support regulation

Article 169.


With the retention of the application of the existing arrangements in compliance with other laws, decrees and implementing decisions to encourage the application of measures that also aim at the protection of the soil, the Flemish Government can provide a specific support regulations to encourage the application by soil users of measures for the protection of the soil, so in all respects a higher quality than basic quality is achieved for nature and the environment. Basic quality for nature and the environment is understood as the quality achieved by compliance with customary good agricultural methods, by compliance with the requirements provided in articles 3, 4 and 5 of regulation 1782/2003 and by compliance with the conditions established in regulations concerning nature and the environment.


The Flemish Government determines the content, the level, the conditions and the procedure for this support.

Section III.
Compulsory purchases in the general interest

Article 170. Translation not available