Article 5.2.3bis.1.2. Upon the delivery and receipt of waste materials, the operator of the incineration or co-incineration installation takes all necessary precautionary measures to prevent or limit to the greatest possible extent all harmful consequences for the environment, in particular the pollution of air, soil, surface water and groundwater as well as other negative environmental effects, odour nuisance and noise nuisance, and direct risks to public health.

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Article 5.2.3bis.1.4.


Before waste materials are received at the incineration or co-incineration installation, the operator of the installation at least follows the following reception procedures:


check of the required documents;


check of conformity of the delivered waste materials with the written information. If relevant to this end, the waste materials are sampled and analysed in a representative way, where the parameters to be analysed are determined in such a way that conclusive verification of conformity is ensured. The samples taken are then kept for at least one month after incineration.


Before dangerous waste materials can be accepted at the incineration or co-incineration installation, the operator must also have a description of the waste materials in which the following information is specified:


the source and the origin of the waste material;


the physical and chemical composition of the waste materials, as well as all information needed to evaluate the suitability of the materials for the intended incineration process based on aspects including the analysis of the waste materials;


the dangerous properties of the waste materials, the materials with which they may not be mixed and the precautionary measures to be taken when treating the waste material;

Acceptance takes place on the basis of documents that contain the above-mentioned information.

Article 5.2.3bis.1.5. The operator establishes the mass of each waste category per load, and if possible the category in accordance with the waste materials list specified in appendix 2.1 of the order of the Government of Flanders of 17 February 2012 adopting the Flemish regulations on the sustainable management of material cycles and waste materials before the waste is received by the incineration or co-incineration installation.

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