Section 2.11.1.
Emissions inventory and reporting to the European Commission

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For each calendar year, the Flanders Environment Agency shall draw up an inventory of the emissions of NOX, SO2 and dust and of the energy input relating to all combustion plants with a total nominal thermal input capacity of 50 MW or more, with the exception of those installations stated in Article The annual emission inventory for each installation shall be drawn up taking into account the aggregation rules stated in Article, and at least include the following information:


the total thermal input capacity (MW) of the combustion plant;


the type of combustion plant: steam boiler, gas turbine, gas or diesel engine, other (indicating the type);


the date on which the combustion plant was commissioned;


the total annual emissions, expressed in tonnes per annum, SO2, NOx and dust (as total suspended particulate matter);


the number of operating hours for the combustion plant;


the total amount of energy consumed each year, expressed as the net calorific value (TJ per annum) and stated for the following categories of fuel: coal, lignite, biomass, turf, other solid fuels (indicating the type), liquid fuels, natural gas or other gases (indicating the type).

On the request of the European Commission, the Flanders Environment Agency shall make the information stated in paragraphs 1 and 2 available to the European Commission through the appropriate channels.



Every three years the Flanders Environment Agency draws up a summary of the results of the inventory stated in Article, in which the emissions of each refinery are separately stated.


Within twelve months of the end of the period of three years, the Flanders Environment Agency reports through the appropriate channels to the European Commission in accordance with paragraph 1.