Subsection 1.
Scope of action

Subsection 1.
Scope of application

Article 4.2.1.

This chapter shall apply to each plan or programme that forms the framework for the granting of a licence for a project.

This chapter shall also apply to each plan or programme for which, in view of the possible impact on areas, a suitable assessment is required pursuant to article 36-ter, 3, first paragraph of the decree of 21 October 1997 in regard to the conservation of nature and the natural environment.

Article 4.2.2.

The following plan or programme shall not be included in the scope of application of this decree:

  1. plan or programme that is exclusively destined for national defence;
  2. financial or budget plan and programme;
  3. plan or programme that is co-financed in the framework of the present programming period 2000-2006 with regard to EC Regulation no. 1260/1999 of the Council of 21 June 1999 laying down general provisions on the Structural Funds and the programming periods 2000-2006 and 2000-2007 of EC Regulation no. 1257/1999 of the Council of 17 May 1999 with regard on support for rural development from the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF))

Subsection 2.
The obligation to draw up an EIA plan

Article 4.2.3. Translation not available

Subsection 3.
Integration track

Article 4.2.4. Translation not available