Article 4.2.9.


The EIA Plan shall be drawn up under the responsibility and at the expense of the initiator. The initiator must appeal to a accredited EIA coordinator for this. He shall make all relevant information available to the EIA coordinator. He shall give any cooperation so that the EIA coordinator may fulfil his task properly.


The accredited EIA coordinator may have neither interest in the intended plan or programme or the alternatives, nor may he be involved in the later implementation of the plan or programme. He shall carry out his assignment entirely independently and, where appropriate, shall manage a team of assistants that is made entirely or partially available by the initiator.

The accredited EIA coordinator shall ensure that the composition of the team of assistants enables the drafting of the EIA plan in accordance with the guidelines manual for the environmental impact assessment and within the scope of the content and special guidelines, mentioned in article 4.2.8, 6.


During the drafting of the EIA plan, the accredited EIA coordinator shall consult with the administration. Where appropriate, the EIA coordinator must observe the additional special written guidelines of the administration, supplementary to the defined content and the special guidelines mentioned in article 4.2.8, 6.

The Flemish Government may specify further conditions with regard to the execution of the task of the accredited EIA coordinator.