Article 15.3.7.

Reasonable remediation options are to be assessed using the best available techniques and are to be based on the following criteria:

  1. the effect of each option on human health and safety;
  2. the costs of implementing the various options;
  3. the chances of success of each option;
  4. the degree to which each option will prevent future damage and in which unintentional damage can be avoided during implementation of the option;
  5. the degree to which each option benefits the various components of the relevant natural resources or ecosystem functions in question;
  6. the degree to which each option takes account of relevant social, economic and cultural issues and other relevant local factors;
  7. the time required to effectively remediate the environmental damage;
  8. the degree to which each option brings about the remediation of the location of the environmental damage;
  9. the geographic relationship with the damaged location.