Article 15.5.1.


In cases in which the operator is of the opinion that he satisfies the conditions stated in Articles 15.5.3, 15.5.4, 15.5.5 or 15.5.6, he must serve his reasoned standpoint on repayment of the costs incurred to the competent authority by registered post.

He shall do this, under penalty of forfeiture, within a period of ninety days after completion of the measures.


The competent authority will investigate his reasoned standpoint and assess whether or not the operator satisfies the conditions.

The competent authority will inform the operator of its decision within a period of sixty days after receipt of his reasoned standpoint.


If the competent authority is of the opinion that the operator’s request for repayment is grounded, the competent authority will take the appropriate measures within the confines of the credit available in the Mina fund.


In cases in which the operator invokes the defences stated in Article 15.5.3, he must recoup the costs first of all from the third- party . If it cannot be determined who the third party at fault is, or if he is not solvent to carry all or part of the costs, the operator can recover his costs or the non-collected portion thereof in accordance with the measures stated in 1, second paragraph.