Request for measures

Article 15.6.1.

The following persons can, if they are aware of cases of environmental damage, submit their observations to the competent authority and request that the competent authority take measures under this title:

  1. natural persons and legal persons who suffer from or are in danger of suffering from environmental damage;
  2. natural persons and legal persons who have an interest in the decision-making process regarding the damage;
  3. legal persons, as stated in Article 2 of the Act of 12 January 1993 establishing a right of action for the protection of the environment.

Article 15.6.2. A request for measures is to be accompanied by the relevant information and data supporting the observations submitted in relation to the environmental damage in question.

Article 15.6.3. The competent authority will inform the persons stated in Article 15.6.1 as soon as possible, and in any case, within a period of thirty days of its decision on whether or not to take measures and the reasons for this.

Article 15.6.4. The Flemish Government can set further rules on the submission, processing and notification of a request for measures.