Article 15.7.1.


The persons stated in Article 15.6.1 can lodge an appeal with the Flemish Government against the decision of the competent authority stated in Article 15.6.3.

Operators, with regard to whom the competent authority took preventive measures against in accordance with Article 15.2.3, or remediation measures in the sense of Article 15.3.2, can also lodge an appeal with the Flemish Government against a decision involving this action.


The appeal must be served, under penalty of inadmissibility, by registered post with proof of receipt or delivered with proof of receipt to the Flemish Government within thirty days of the date of receipt of the contested decision.

The Flemish Government will make a judgement on admissibility within a period of fourteen days of receipt of the appeal.


Within a period of ninety days of being declared admissible, the Flemish Government will decide the appeal after examining it against the material and procedural rules of this title.


This appeal is non-suspensive


If a judgement is not given on the appeal within a period of ninety days, it is considered to be rejected.


The Flemish Government can set further rules as to the way in which the appeal stated in this Article is to be submitted, announced and processed.