Article 15.11.1.

The competent authority will report to the Flemish Government biennially, as from the date on which this title comes into effect, on the application of this title.


This report will contain at least the following information:

  1. the measures taken to encourage the use of financial security tools and the results thereof;
  2. the cases of environmental damage, the type of environmental damage, the dates on which the environmental damage occurred or came to light;
  3. the results of the remediation processes;
  4. the outcomes of the appeal procedures;
  5. the estimate of the extra administrative costs to be borne by the government on an annual basis;
  6. the evaluation of the defence resources stated in Articles 15.5.1 up to and including 15.5.6, particularly with regard to the application of the state of the scientific and technical knowledge;
  7. the non-application of the procedure for requests for measures in cases posing an immediate threat of environmental damage. 
The Flemish Government can set further rules in this matter. “