Subsection I.
General provisions

Article 16.3.10.

The Supervisors have the following supervision rights while carrying out their supervisory tasks:

  1. right of access, stated in Article 16.3.12;
  2. right to inspect and take a copy of business data, stated in Article 16.3.13;
  3. right to investigate items, including the right to take samples, measurements, carry out tests and analyses, stated in Article 16.3.14;
  4. right to investigate the means of transport, stated in Article 16.3.17;
  5. right to receive support, stated in Article 16.3.18;
  6. right to make determinations by means of audiovisual resources, stated in Article 16.3.19;
  7. right to receive police assistance, stated in Article 16.3.21.
The Flemish Government determines the supervision rights to be exercised by each category of Supervisors.

Article 16.3.11. Supervisors only use their supervision rights insofar as that is considered reasonably useful for the fulfilment of their supervisory tasks.

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