Article 16.3.10.

The Supervisors have the following supervision rights while carrying out their supervisory tasks:

  1. right of access, stated in Article 16.3.12;
  2. right to inspect and take a copy of business data, stated in Article 16.3.13;
  3. right to investigate items, including the right to take samples, measurements, carry out tests and analyses, stated in Article 16.3.14;
  4. right to investigate the means of transport, stated in Article 16.3.17;
  5. right to receive support, stated in Article 16.3.18;
  6. right to make determinations by means of audiovisual resources, stated in Article 16.3.19;
  7. right to receive police assistance, stated in Article 16.3.21.
The Flemish Government determines the supervision rights to be exercised by each category of Supervisors.