Section IV.
Prevention and detection of environmental violations and environmental crimes

Subsection I.

Article 16.3.22. If Supervisors establish that an environmental violation or an environmental crime is imminent, they can give all the advice they deem useful to prevent that from occurring.

Subsection II.
Detection of environmental violations

Article 16.3.23. Translation not available

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Subsection III.
Detection of environmental crimes

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Article 16.3.25. Translation not available

Article 16.3.26. When an environmental crime is detected, Supervisors may, for the purpose of providing proof, take all protective measures with regard to these issues for a maximum period of seventy-two hours. The Supervisors who have taken such protective measures immediately inform the Public Prosecutor of the court within whose area of jurisdiction the environmental crime has been committed.

Subsection IIIbis.

Article 16.3.26bis. Translation not available

Subsection IV.

Article 16.3.27. If, while carrying out their supervisory tasks, the Supervisors detect an environmental violation or environmental crime, they can order the suspected offender and possible other involved parties to take the necessary measures to end this environmental violation or environmental crime, wholly or partially rectify its consequences or prevent any recurrence of this.