Section I.
Basic provisions

Article 16.7.1. Translation not available

Article 16.7.2.

Safety measures can include, among other things:

  1. the termination or execution of operations, transactions or activities, immediately or within a specific period;
  2. the ban on the use of or the sealing of buildings, installations, machines, equipment, means of transport, containers, sites and all that is located in or on these;
  3. the complete or partial closure of an establishment;
  4. the taking away, storage or disposal of materials liable for this, including waste materials and animals;
  5. the keeping out or abandoning of specific areas, sites, buildings or roads.
Safety measures cannot be withdrawn if the risk in question has not yet been either eliminated, restricted to an acceptable level or stabilised.

Article 16.7.3. The order stipulating safety measures, which oblige one to undertake or abstain from an action, clearly describes the obligations that must be fulfilled.

Article 16.7.4.

Expenses incurred for the enforcement of safety measures are wholly or partially at the expense of the persons responsible for causing the significant risk.


The due amounts are collected and recovered in accordance with the provisions of Articles 16.5.1 to 16.5.4 inclusive.