Article 1.2.1.


For the benefit of the current and future generation the environmental policy has the following objectives:

  1. the management of the environment by the durable use of raw materials and natural resources;
  2. the protecting, by combating pollution and extraction, of persons and the environment, and in particular ecosystems important to the working of the biosphere and that concerning the production of food, health and other aspects of human life;
  3. the conservation of nature and the stimulation of biological and scenic diversity, in particular by the maintenance, the restoration and the development of natural habitats, ecosystems and landscapes with ecological value and the preservation of wildlife, in particular wildlife that is endangered, vulnerable, rare or endemic.


Based on the consideration of the different social activities, the environmental policy strives for a high level of protection. It is based on aspects including the precautionary principle and the principle of preventive action, the principle that priority is given to countering environmental pollution at source, the standstill principle and the polluter pays principle.


The objectives and principles determined in 1 and 2 must be integrated in other areas in the determining and execution of policy of the Flemish Region. With the execution of the policy, account is taken of the social-economic aspects, the international dimension and the available scientific and technical information.