Subsection 1.
The environmental report

Article 2.1.3.

The environmental report comprises:

  1. a description, analysis and appraisal of the existing state of the environment;
  2. a description, analysis and appraisal of the environmental policy implemented so far [to the extent relevant to the checking of the results of the implemented environmental policy against the policy objectives established in the environmental regulations or environmental planning];
  3. a description of the expected development of the environment with an unchanged policy, and with a changed policy according to a number of relevant scenarios.

Article 2.1.4.

Every two years an environmental report is drawn up.


Article 2.1.5. Translation not available

Article 2.1.6. The environmental report is brought to the attention of the provinces and municipalities.The environmental report is made sufficiently known in the manner determined by the Flemish Government.