The measurement programme stated in Article covers the measurement of fugitive emissions from the systems in the establishment or measurement blocks.


This measurement is taken using the measuring method described in Chapter II of Appendix 4.4.6.


The measurements are taken by a laboratory in the discipline of air recognised for these measurements as stated in Article 6, 5, b) of the VLAREL, or by the operator. If the measurements are taken by the operator, equipment and a code of good practice shall be used that have been approved by a recognised laboratory in the discipline of air as stated in Article 6, 5, b) of the VLAREL.


The measurement programme starts with the initial sample survey. The minimum number of systems to be measured per equipment type and product type is expressed as a percentage of the total number of systems and is stated in Chapter III of Appendix 4.4.6. Measurement results may be used in the initial sample survey if they do not pre-date 1 January 2000.


The "modified sample survey" is carried out every year on completion of the initial or modified sample survey and within no later than one year of completing the previous survey. The minimum percentage of systems that must be measured depends on the number of leaking systems from the previous sample survey, as indicated in Chapter III of Appendix 4.4.6. To complement the "modified sample survey", the systems for which the measurement value exceeded the leak criterion in the previous sample survey must always be included again. Each "modified sample survey" is to be set up to ensure that all systems are measured after a minimum number of sample surveys.


The measurement programme stated in 1 can be applied to the installation as a whole or to individual measurement blocks. All measurement blocks are to be identified before the initial sample survey commences and are to represent the installation in its entirety.


For practical reasons, a small number of systems cannot always be accessible for measurement. The number of non-measurable systems is to be kept to a minimum. These systems are to be documented and measured at every opportunity when measurement is possible.