If the measurement value for a system exceeds the repair criterion in Chapter III of Appendix 4.4.6, the system in question must be repaired within one month of measurement.

By way of derogation from the first paragraph, the following longer repair periods can be applied:


repairs requiring replacement of the system itself or a component thereof must be made within three months of measurement;


if a repair cannot be made within the period set in point 1, this must be noted in the report stated in Article, first paragraph. The following information is to be stated with respect to each system:


the reason why it could not be repaired within the period specified;


the planned repair schedule;


the resultant annual emission.

When a leaking system has been repaired, the repair is to be checked by means of a new measurement within a one-month period. If the repaired system again exceeds the repair criterion, the repair is to be made again within the maximum repair period stated in the first and second paragraphs. This procedure is to be repeated until the measurement value stays below the repair criterion.