Article 2.2.6.


The Flemish Government appoints the institutions or persons who are charged with the measuring of the quality of the different constituents of the environment for which environmental quality standards have been imposed in accordance with article 2.2.1.


The Flemish Government establishes specific regulations concerning the location and the frequency of sampling, the methods of sampling and analysis or other measuring methods to be used, the checking of the results obtained against the established standards, and the way in which and the frequency with which reports must be issued concerning these results.


if it appears from the results referred to in 2 that the applicable limit or guide values have not been complied with, the Flemish Government initiates an investigation into the causes of such non-compliance.


Upon simple request the public may dispose of the actual, non-interpreted measurement results. The Flemish Government determines the specific regulations and appoints the authority from which this information can be requested.