Article 2.2.7.


If it appears from the investigation referred to in article 2.2.6, 3 that the exceeding of a limit value is not the consequence of incidental and transient circumstances or that permanent threats to the environment have been caused, the Flemish Government or its appointed administration or institution draws up a recovery programme.


The recovery programme comprises:

  1. an inventory of all demonstrable sources of pollution or disruption with the indication of their contribution to the pollution or the disruption of the relative area;
  2. the emission reduction that must take place at these sources or other measures that must be taken to suffice with regard to the prevailing environmental quality standards;
  3. the policy instruments to be used to achieve this objective with the indication of the authorities competent for this purpose;
  4. the period within which this restoration must take place.


The recovery programme is forwarded to the authorities referred to in 2, 3 for further monitoring. If the cause of the exceeding of a limit is located in a neighbouring state or in another Region, the Flemish Government will consult with the competent authorities of this neighbouring state or Region.


At set intervals the Flemish Government or its appointed administration or institution evaluates the situation of the implementation of the recovery programme.


The provisions of this article are not applicable to land rehabilitation as referred to in the decree of 22 February 1995 concerning land rehabilitation.