Chapter II.
The environmental coordinator

Article 3.2.1. Translation not available

Article 3.2.2. Translation not available

Article 3.2.3. Translation not available

Article 3.2.4. The operator is obliged to do everything required to enable the environmental coordinator to appropriately carry out his task. He will make supplementary personnel, rooms, material and resources available to the extent required.

Article 3.2.5.

An environmental coordinator who is an employee of the operator may not be disadvantaged as a result of his duties as environmental coordinator.

The appointment and the replacement of an employee environmental coordinator, the relieving of his position and the appointment of a temporary replacement takes place by the operator, without prejudice to that stipulated in article 3.2.3, § 3, after prior agreement from the committee for health, safety and the embellishment of the workplace or, in its the absence, from the trade union representative. In the case of a lasting difference of opinion within the committee or with the trade union representative, the opinion is requested of of the division appointed by the Flemish Government.

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