Article 4.5.6.

Without prejudice to the application of Art. 4.5.4, the regional safety report must contain at least following information to the extent this is available:

  1. Information on the management system and on the organisation of the establishment with a view to the prevention of serious accidents. This information must cover the points contained in article 10 of the agreement of cooperation.
  2. presentation of the environment of the establishment:
    1. a description of the site, including the geographical position, the meteorological, geological and hydrographic information, including historical aspects relevant to safety;
    2. the identification of external sources of danger and vulnerable objects in the environment as well as the information available on these sources;
    3. a description of the zones which could be affected by a serious accident;
  3. description of the plant:
    1. identification of installations and activities inside the establishment which could cause a seri-ous accident;
    2. description of the activities and products from parts of the establishment which are important from a safety perspective;
    3. description of the procedures and operating methods;
    4. description of hazardous substances:
      1. a list of the hazardous substances which consists of:
        • the description of the hazardous substances: chemical name, CAS number, name according to IUPAC Nomenclature;
        • the maximum quantity of the hazardous substances present or that can be present;
      2. physical, chemical, toxicological characteristics and information both on immediate and sub-sequent dangers to persons and the environment;
      3. the physical and chemical behaviour under normal conditions of use or with foreseeable accidents;
  4. Identification and analysis of serious accidents with potential consequences for the surround-ing area (persons and environment) and prevention resources:
    1. detailed description of the scenarios for possible major accidents and the circumstances in which these can occur, including a summary of the incidents that can play an important part in the triggering of these scenarios, irrespective of whether the causes are inside or outside the installation;
    2. a description of the possible causes of serious accidents and of the circumstances in which such a serious accident could occur, accompanied by a description of the preventive action taken;
    3. quantification of the risks, as indicated in the SR guideline manual, associated with scenarios described in point a);
    4. an appraisal of the extent and severity of the consequences of identified serious accidents;
    5. a description of the technical parameters of importance to the safety of the installations and of the equipment intended for the safety of the installations;
  5. Measures for protection and taking action to reduce the consequences of a serious accident:
    1. a description of the technical parameters of importance to the safety of the installations and of the equipment intended for the safety of the installations;
    2. description of the equipment installed in the plant to limit the consequences of major accidents; organisation of alarm and intervention;
    3. description of mobilizable resources, internal or external;
    4. description of the internal emergency plan referred to in article 15 of the agreement of cooperation;
  6. A description and appraisal of the preventive and consequence-limiting measures of a technical and organisational nature to be taken by the initiator, including the period during which that will be completed;
  7. a plan of alternatives that can reasonably be taken into consideration as regards location, site, procedure and quantities of hazardous substances, included the zero alternative and the closure of the installation;
  8. a statement of the difficulties, technical absences or missing knowledge that the initiator and/or the experts may have experienced with the collection and processing of the required in-formation and the consequences of this for the scientific nature of the report;
  9. A non-technical summary of the information provided as described in 1 up to and including 8;