Chapter II.
[Flemish Environment Agency]

Section 1.

Article 10.2.1. Translation not available

Section 2.
Mission, tasks and competence

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Article 10.2.3. Translation not available

Article 10.2.4.


The [Flemish Environment Agency] can conduct all activities that directly or indirectly contribute to the fulfilling of its mission or tasks.


The [Flemish Environment Agency] can acquire immoveable property it considers useful for the execution of its mission and tasks. It can also dispose of the goods if they are no longer of use.

The Flemish Government can authorise the [Flemish Environment Agency] to make compulsory purchases in cases in which they judge that the obtaining of the property in question is required for the general interest.


The [Flemish Environment Agency] can arrange to have scientific research carried out to the extent useful for the completion of its tasks.


The [Flemish Environment Agency] can, to the extent desirable, open laboratories to conduct analyses or measurements of air, water or nuisance, or have this done by laboratories accredited by the Flemish Government or according to prevailing international standards. The Flemish Government can appoint a reference laboratory.


The Flemish Government can establish more specific rules relating to the tasks specified in 1 up to and including 3 of article 10.2.3.


In derogation from the previous paragraphs of the present article, the Flemish Environment Agency shall have authorisation, following Flemish Government approval, to sell the sewage water treatment infrastructure and/or the accompanying grounds to NV Aquafin.

Section 3.
Financial resources

Article 10.2.5. Translation not available