Section 2.14.2.
Environmental quality standards for electromagnetic waves with a frequency between 10 MHz and 10 GHz


The values stated in the table below for electrical field strength in V/m apply as limit values for the Eav, 6 min level of electromagnetic waves, where f is the frequency in MHz, and Eiref is the reference level for the electrical field strength.

f in MHz

electric field strength:
E in V/m (Eiref)

10 to 400


400 to 2000

0.686 f

2000 to 10,000


For composite fields, the electrical field strength must be limited so that:


Ei: the electrical field strength at the frequency i;


Eiref: the reference level for the electrical field strength, stated in paragraph 1.

The provisions do not apply within the safety zone of a fixed or temporary transmitting antenna.