Article The Flanders Environment Agency may designate zones or agglomerations where the limit values are exceeded by concentrations of PM10 in the air that are attributable to the re-suspension of particles as a result of the spreading of sand and salt on the roads in winter. The Flanders Environment Agency shall provide the European Commission, through the appropriate channels, with a list of all these zones or agglomerations, together with information on the PM10 concentrations and sources present therein. When the Flanders Environment Agency notifies the European Commission of this in accordance with Article through the appropriate channels, it shall provide the necessary proof that these exceedances were caused by such re-suspended particles, and that a reasonable attempt has been made to lower the concentrations. Without prejudice to Article, for the zones and agglomerations stated in paragraph 1, the air quality plan stated in Article shall only be established if the exceedances are attributable to other PM10 sources than the spreading of sand and salt on the roads in winter.