If the level of polluting substances in the air in particular zones or agglomerations exceed a limit value or target value, in both cases increased by the applicable margin of tolerance, air quality plans shall be established for these zones and agglomerations to achieve the limit value or target value in question stated in Appendices and

If limit values for which the deadline for compliance has already passed are exceeded, appropriate measures shall be taken in the air quality plans to keep the period of exceedance as short as possible. The air quality plans may also include measures aimed at protecting vulnerable population groups, such as children.

The air quality plans shall at least include the information stated in Appendix, Part A, and may include measures in accordance with Article After having been established by the Government of Flanders, the plans shall be communicated to the European Commission through the appropriate channels immediately, but no later than two years after the end of the year in which the first exceedance was recorded, by the Division competent for air pollution.

If a plan has to be drawn up or implemented for different polluting substances, where appropriate, integrated air quality plans shall be drawn up and implemented for all the polluting substances in question.


Where feasible, cohesion shall be ensured with other plans or programmes required pursuant to Article 2.10.3 and Article to achieve the relevant environmental objectives.