If, in a particular zone or agglomeration, there is a risk that the levels of polluting substances will exceed one or more alarm thresholds as stated in Appendix, action plans shall be drawn up containing measures to be taken in the short term to limit the risk of exceedance or its duration. If that risk applies to one or more of the limit values or target values stated in Appendices, and, short-term action plans may also be drawn up if appropriate. If, however, there is a risk that the alarm threshold for ozone stated in Appendix, Part B, will be exceeded, short-term action plans shall only be drawn up if, taking national geographical, meteorological and economic circumstances into account, there are ample opportunities for reducing the risk, the duration or the seriousness of such an exceedance. If a short-term action plan is drawn up, consideration shall be given to Commission Decision 2004/279/EC of 19 March 2004 concerning guidance for transposition of Directive 2002/3/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council relating to ozone in ambient air.


The short-term action plans stated in paragraph 1 may, as appropriate, provide for effective measures to manage and if necessary suspend activities that contribute to the risk of the respective limit values, target values or alarm thresholds being exceeded. The action plans may include measures for the movement of motor vehicles, construction works, ships at berth, and the use of industrial plants or products, and domestic heating. As part of these plans, specific actions could also be considered to protect vulnerable population groups, such as children.


When a short-term action plan is drawn up, the results of investigations into the feasibility and content of the specific short-term action plans, together with information on the implementation of these plans, shall be made available to the public and to interested organisations, such as environmental organisations, consumer organisations, organisations representing the interests of vulnerable population groups, other bodies involved in healthcare, and interested trade unions.