If an alarm threshold, limit value or target value, increased by the applicable margin of tolerance, or a long-term objective is exceeded as a result of the significant cross-border transport of polluting substances or the precursors thereof, Belgium shall cooperate with the countries in question and, if possible, develop joint activities, such as the drawing up of joint or coordinated air quality plans in accordance with Article to remove the exceedances by implementing appropriate but proportionate measures.


The European Commission is invited to be present at and cooperate in the collaborative activities stated in paragraph 1. If appropriate in accordance with Article, joint short-term action plans shall be drawn up and implemented that cover neighbouring zones in other countries. The Flemish minister shall ensure that if neighbouring zones in other countries have developed short-term action plans, they receive all the relevant data.


If the information threshold or the alarm thresholds are exceeded in zones or agglomerations close by national borders, the Interregional Cell for the Environment shall provide the competent authorities of the neighbouring country in question with information as quickly as possible. This information shall also be made available to the population.


When drawing up plans in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 3 and when providing information to the population in accordance with paragraph 4, if appropriate, an effort shall be made to cooperate with third countries and specifically with candidate Member States of the European Union.