Article 64.

As security for the settlement of the tax, the interest, the administrative penalty and the costs, the Flemish Region shall have a general preferential right to all movable property of the party responsible for paying the tax. It may establish a legal mortgage on all goods liable for such that are located in the Flemish Region and belong to the person in whose name the further claim or tax demand is established.


The preferential right mentioned in subparagraph 1 shall rank immediately after the preferential rights mentioned in Articles 19 and 20 of the Mortgage Law.


The rank of the legal mortgage shall be determined by the date of registration.


The mortgage shall be registered on the request of the officials referred to in Article 60.


Article 19 of the Bankruptcy Law shall not apply to the legal mortgage relating to the tax due for which the registration was made and notice was served on the party responsible for paying the tax prior to the bankruptcy order.