Article 15.

The Government of Flanders shall lay down more specific rules regarding the granting of subsidies to:


natural or legal persons who take measures and initiatives in accordance with the objectives mentioned in Article 4, among other things to stimulate:


the prevention of waste, the reuse and the more efficient use of materials which is less taxing on the environment via adapted production and consumption patterns;


the cooperation between different actors within one or more material cycles with a view to reducing the environmental impacts of those material cycles;


the separate collection of waste, recycling and the use of materials in closed material cycles;


the market for products and raw materials obtained from waste;


an optimisation of the management of material cycles and waste;


research and development towards achieving cleaner and less wasteful technologies, products and services, as well as the dissemination and use of the results of research and development in this area;


local authorities with a view to tasks in implementation of the applicable implementation plans, as mentioned in Article 18;


the natural or legal persons mentioned in Article 9, paragraph 2 who operate a reuse centre, for its operation, investments or personnel;


the municipalities and associations of municipalities mentioned in subparagraph 1 of Article 27, for the costs of selective pick-up or collection;

5 natural persons, legal entities and authorities for the inventory, dismantling, collection, transport or processing of asbestos-containing materials, stated in chapter 3, section 6;
6 local authorities for the organisation of supervision and enforcement of the asbestos reduction policy.

The subsidies shall always be granted within the bounds of the credits included in the budget.