Section 2.
Operational waste

Article 23.

Producers of operational waste shall keep a chronological waste register, which shall include a record of the nature, origin, composition, quantity, destination and method of recovery or disposal of the waste. The Government of Flanders shall lay down the more specific rules concerning the content and structure of this waste register.


Producers of operational waste shall report some of the information from the waste register to OVAM. The Government of Flanders shall determine what information must be reported and in what manner this is to take place. It may have the reporting done via the integral annual environmental report referred to in Article 3.5.3. of the Decree of 5 April 1995 concerning general provisions relating to environmental policy.


The Government of Flanders may release specific categories of producers from the obligations mentioned in subparagraph 1 and subparagraph 2 on the basis of the low quantities and the low degree of harmfulness of the wastes produced by them.

Article 24. Producers of operational waste shall, at their expense, recover or dispose of the waste, unless otherwise determined by the Government of Flanders in accordance with Article 10.

Article 25. Translation not available