Article 42.

In accordance with the Convention on the Collection, Deposit and Reception of Waste Generated during Navigation on the Rhine and other Inland Waterways, signed in Strasbourg on 9 September 1996 and ratified by the Decree of Consent of 9 May 2008, an environmental contribution in proportion to the purchase of gas oil for inland shipping shall be owed with a view to the financing of the collection and treatment of oil and grease containing shipping waste that results from the operation and maintenance of inland navigation vessels. Said gas oil shall be understood to exclusively include fuel that is exempt from custom taxes and other taxes and that is intended for ships, with the exception of the ships that are authorised for maritime and coastal navigation and are mainly assigned for that purpose. The environmental contribution shall be owed by the person in charge of the ship that uses the gas oil for inland shipping purposes.


The Government of Flanders may lay down more specific rules for the operation of the financing system.