Chapter 6.
Transition towards a circular economy

Article 67.

OVAM, as a competent entity, in collaboration with all the actors involved, supports the transition towards sustainable materials management and a circular economy. The purpose of this support is to achieve and support concrete breakthroughs on the road towards a sustainable economy and society when it comes to materials in the Flemish region, and to set an example within the European Union. To this end, OVAM will set up a cooperation partnership with the Government of Flanders institutions involved, the business community, the knowledge world and civil society.

Within that partnership, agreements are made about:

1 the establishment of a public-private steering group to manage the transition in terms of content and strategy. The steering group is composed in a balanced way of representatives of organisations that play an important role in the transition to a circular economy, and who are committed to investing time and resources in it;
2 the drawing up of internal regulations on the internal functioning of the steering group.

The Government of Flanders can lay down further rules for the transition and the partnership referred to in the first paragraph.