Article 4.


This decree applies to the following authorities:

  1. the Flemish Parliament and its associated agencies and institutions;
  2. the dependent services, agencies and legal persons of the Flemish Community or the Flemish Region;
  3. municipalities and districts;
  4. provinces;
  5. other municipal and provincial agencies and institutions, including non-profit associations where one or several municipalities or provinces control at least half of the votes in one of the administrative or management bodies or take care of half of the financing;
  6. the associations of provinces and municipalities referred to in the law of 22 December 1986 concerning intermunicipal authorities and the forms of cooperation regulated in the decree of 6 July 2001 concerning intermunicipal cooperation;
  7. the public centres for social welfare, hereinafter referred to as O.C.M.W.s (for "Openbare Centra voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn") and the associations referred to in section 12 of the organic law of 8 July 1976 concerning the O.C.M.W.s;
  8. the polders, referred to in the law of 3 June 1957 concerning polders, and the water control authorities, referred to in the law of 5 July 1956 concerning the water control authorities
  9. the church councils and the bodies entrusted with the administration of the temporal possessions of the official religions;
  10. all other bodies within the Flemish Region and the Flemish Community.


Articles 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17, 2, are applicable to other authorities than those referred to in 1, insofar as this decree prohibits or restricts the public nature of administrative documents on grounds falling under the Flemish Community or the Flemish Region.