Article 14.

The authorities referred to in article 4 will reject an application to make public, insofar as it is not concerned with environmental information, if they are of the opinion that the importance of making public does not outweigh the importance of protecting any one of the following interests:

  1. an economic, financial or commercial interest of one of the bodies referred to in article 4, 1;
  2. the confidential nature of the international relations of the Flemish Region or the Flemish Community and of the relations between the Flemish Region or the Flemish Community and the supranational bodies, with the federal government and with other communities and regions;
  3. the confidential nature of commercial and industrial information, when this information is protected to safeguard a legitimate economic interest, unless the party from whom the information originates agrees to the public nature thereof;
  4. the dispensation of justice in civil or administrative proceedings and the possibility to obtain a fair trial;
  5. the confidentiality of the actions of an authority insofar as this confidentiality is required for administrative enforcement, the performance of an internal audit or the political decision-making process;
  6. public order and safety