Article 19.

Without prejudice to possible delegation, the decision concerning the application is taken by:

  1. For the Flemish Parliament: by the parliamentary clerk;
  2. for institutions and agencies attached to the Flemish Parliament: by an authorised executive personnel member;
  3. for the authority referred to in article 4, 1, 2 by an authorised executive personnel member of the authority having the administrative document at its disposal
  4. for the municipalities and districts:by the secretary;
  5. for the provinces: by the provincial clerk;
  6. for other municipal and provincial institutions and the non-profit associations specified in article 4, 1, 5: by the chairman of the board of management;
  7. for the associations of provinces and municipalities and other forms of cooperation referred to in article 4, 1, 6: by the chairman of the association;
  8. for the O.C.M.W.s and the associations, referred to in section 12 of the organic law of 8 July 1976 concerning the public centres for social welfare (O.C.M.W.s): by the secretary; of the O.C.M.W. or the Director of the association;
  9. for polders and water control authorities: by the dyke warden of the polder or the chairman of the water control authority;
  10. for the church councils and the bodies entrusted with the administration of the temporal possessions of the official religions: by their chairman;
  11. other bodies within the Flemish Region and the Flemish Community: the authorised representative in accordance with applicable regulations and statutes.