Article 29.


A joint file is compiled, containing familiarisation information and primary information from and about the public authoritys named in article 4, 1. The familiarisation information indicates where the person looking for information can find either information about a specific subject, or where he should address himself in the case of a specific problem or administrative procedure to be dealt with. Primary information is basic information that is not bound to a specific dossier, and which is made easily accessible.

The data file is unrestricted and accessible free of charge for anyone, both digitally and at the public counter of the public authoritys concerned.


In anticipation of the compilation of the joint file referred to in 1, each province and municipality is to publish a document containing a description of the competence and internal organisation of all administrative authorities falling under the province or municipality concerned. This document shall be made available to anyone requesting it. As soon as the joint file has been compiled, the obligation on the provinces and municipalities described in this paragraph is cancelled.


The Flemish government is charged with compiling, managing and providing access to this joint file. The authorities referred to in article 4, 1, are to lend their cooperation after prior consultation.