The operator shall take measures to keep the dust emissions caused by the storage of dust-producing substances and by establishments in which dust-producing substances are transported or treated as low as possible.

The measures shall take into account the type and characteristics of the dust-producing substances or their components, the (un)loading installations and method, the mass flow rate, the meteorological conditions, faults in establishments and the location of the loading or unloading point. Safety aspects shall also be taken into consideration.


Technical establishments that may cause dust emissions and establishments for the reduction of dust emissions shall be maintained and inspected in good time to minimise dust emissions. Dust filters shall be replaced in good time to ensure proper operation.


From 1 January 2014, the operator must have procedures and instructions for controlling non-ducted dust emissions available for its own personnel and for the personnel of third parties engaged in activities at the establishment with a potential impact on dust emissions.


Spilled materials that could lead to the formation of dust shall be removed as quickly as possible at the end of the operation.