Dust-producing substances are classified into dust categories in Appendix on the basis of the dust sensitivity of the substance and the possibility of countering the production of dust, possibly by wetting. The different dust categories are:


SC1: dust-sensitive, not wettable;


SC2: dust-sensitive, wettable;


SC3: barely dust-sensitive;

The minister may supplement or amend Appendix

From 1 January 2014, the operator shall determine the dust category itself on the basis of the classification of comparable substances in Appendix with regard to dust sensitivity or on the basis of a specifically developed test if:


a substance is classified in the table in Appendix, but the physicochemical properties during its stay on the site are constantly such that it belongs in a different dust category. The operator shall keep the dust category and the reasons for it available for the supervisory body;


the substance is not classified in the table in Appendix The operator shall establish the dust category and the reason for it before the goods are received and keep the information available for the supervisory body. If, on receipt of the goods, it appears that they belong to a different dust category from what was expected, the operator shall immediately take the necessary measures to minimise dust emissions.