If dust-producing substances in dust categories SC2 and SC3 are stored in the open, dust diffusion shall be limited as far as possible by wetting the dust-producing substances. Provided the characteristics of the site and the fixed establishments allow it, the following measures shall also be taken:


provide the storage site with wind reduction screens;


an outer wall or a natural screen;


gather the stored volume into as few piles as possible;


choose the gradient of the piles such that the top layer does not slide off.

Point 2 does not apply to construction, demolition or roadbuilding works.


If dry or windy weather is forecast, the piles shall be additionally sprinkled with water or foam.

Sprinkling may be replaced by spraying with a binding agent if the effectiveness of the agent is guaranteed. Notches and damage to the binding agent in the storage pile shall be inspected and repaired. Spraying shall be repeated if deemed necessary from the point of view of preventing the diffusion of dust.


If the measures stated in paragraphs 1 and 2 are not taken, the storage pile shall be covered with fine-mesh nets or tarpaulins or the pile shall be transferred to an enclosed storage facility, as stipulated in Article, paragraph 2.