The operator shall provide for the necessary measures to ensure that events and their consequences for man and the environment are prevented or minimised.

This involves, among other things, the operator doing the following:


providing for the necessary measures to prevent accidentally diffused substances or contaminated fire-extinguishing water from draining directly into the groundwater, a public sewer, watercourse or any other place where surface waters collect;


providing for the necessary fire prevention measures;


providing for the necessary detection, emergency and intervention measures.

The operator shall determine the organisation of the fire-fighting, the fire-fighting equipment and the capacity for collecting contaminated fire-extinguishing water in accordance with a code of good practice, and in so doing shall consult the competent fire service.

The fire-fighting equipment must be in good condition, protected against frost, effectively signalled, easily accessible and judiciously distributed and must be able to function immediately.


The operator may at any time demonstrate to the supervisory bodies that he/she has provided for the necessary measures.